Turkey Pesto Panini 

What you'll need: Sourdough bread, butter, sliced turkey, pesto, mozzarella cheese, and baby arugula. 

Spread 1 tbsp of butter to the edges of a slice of sourdough bread. Set it face down in a medium skillet.

Spread 1 tbsp of pesto on the side of the bread without butter, spreading it as evenly as possible.

Top the pesto side with mozzarella cheese, then sliced turkey, then arugula.

Spread the remaining pesto on one side of the second slice of bread and place it face down onto the sandwich in the skillet, so the arugula and the pesto are touching.

Spread the remaining tbsp of butter on the dry side of the second slice of bread. 

Heat your turkey sandwich on medium-low until brown and golden, about 2-3 minutes. Flip and cook the other side. Done! Serve hot :)