How To Make

Spicy Shrimp


What you'll need: Medium shrimp, garlic powder, black pepper, paprika, oil, sriracha sauce, ranch dressing, avocado, green cabbage, green onions, tortillas, and lime wedges.

Peel, devein, and remove the tails from your shrimp and place in a medium bowl. Toss with garlic powder, black pepper, and paprika until evenly coated.

Heat oil on medium heat in a large skillet. Add shrimp and saute until fully cooked through or, about 5-6 minutes.

Meanwhile, combine the sriracha sauce and ranch dressing in a small bowl and set aside.

Build your tacos. Start with tortillas, then shrimp, sliced avocado, cabbage, and green onions. Drizzle with sriracha ranch sauce, and squeeze fresh lime juice on top.