Brown Sugar  Boba Popsicles

Brown Sugar  Boba Popsicles

What you'll need:  - brown sugar - water - glutinous rice flour - coconut cream - powdered sugar - coconut extract

Make the brown sugar syrup by heating together brown sugar and water.

Make the boba pearls: Stir together the rice flour and brown sugar until combined, then add hot water and form into a dough.

Transfer to a floured surface and form into small boba pearls.

Boil the boba pearls.

Strain the boba pearls and soak them in the brown sugar syrup.

Make coconut whipped cream by whipping chilled coconut cream until fluffy, then whip in the powdered sugar and coconut extract.

Fold in boba pearls and brown sugar syrup.

Divide into popsicle molds and freeze for 6 hours!